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Neon Helloman

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Neon Helloman - the Comic

Neon Helloman was released in August 2019.

It is a soundtrack to a comic of the same name by Michael Pardy and António Piedade.

Performed by Kinematic with special guests Greg Coles and Sam Pardy.

Engineered and recorded by Gordon Clarke & Michael Owen at Sunshine Harvester and Whiskey & Rye.

Mastered by Tim Johnson at Satellite Studios.

Instruments include Korg Poly-800 with reverse keys, Nord Electro 61, Ibanez Strat copy with 15-year-old strings, Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster, Colby KW-230 Counter Bell, Music Man Sting Ray bass and EH hub cap.

Spoken word performed by Michael Pardy.

Cover art by António Piedade, graphic art by Gordo.

© Somersault Music/Kinematic/Neon Helloman. All rights reserved.

Neon Helloman   INSTRUMENTAL

Neon Helloman   Instrumental by Kinematic

Mitchell House   SPOKEN WORD (Explicit)

Mitchell House   Spoken word by Michael Pardy


Make 'Em   Instrumental by Kinematic

Sold By Lunchtime   SPOKEN WORD (Explicit)

Sold By Lunchtime   Spoken word by Michael Pardy

14 Signs To Yass   INSTRUMENTAL

14 Signs To Yass   Instrumental by Kinematic

Cyclops Snake   SPOKEN WORD (Explicit)

Cyclops Snake   Spoken word by Michael Pardy

Never Be Alone/Stoplight   INSTRUMENTAL

Never Be Alone/Stoplight   Instrumental by Kinematic

Epilog   SPOKEN WORD (Explicit)

Epilog   Spoken word by Michael Pardy

Neon Helloman (Reprise)   INSTRUMENTAL

Neon Helloman (Reprise)   Instrumental by Kinematic