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June was released in June 2021.

Written, performed & produced by Kinematic.
Special guests: Coco Clarke and Greg J. Walker
Engineered and recorded by Michael Owen & Gordon Clarke at Sunshine Harvester and Whiskey & Rye.
Mixed by Greg J. Walker.
Mastered by Adam Dempsey.
Produced by Kinematic and Greg J. Walker.

Cover painting by Karri Clarke.

Kinematic are Gordon Clarke, Mark Olszewski, Michael Clarke and Michael Owen.

© Somersault Music/Kinematic. All rights reserved.


June   3.29

June lives over the road, when she goes away
I bring in her mail, once every day like clockwork

June is comfortable with me, when she goes away
I water her plants, once every day like clockwork
Even weekends and holidays, I’m not far away

But I guess a friend
Who uses me
Is better than no friend at all
I'm sure

June leaves me her keys, she has fish to feed
And when she gets home, I brew up the tea
Once every day like clockwork
And one kindly word can make her smile
And I live to make her smile